Boutique Firms Vs. Large Real Estate Companies

Which is better or more trusted, a small real estate company or a large one?

There is no simple answer, but from my perspective choosing an agent with a small firm has many benefits.

First of all, you can trust that your smaller and newer real estate companies are held to the same standards and regulations, if not scrutinized more, for their regulatory and ethical processes.

Secondly, smaller companies save you money on both listings commissions and on the buying side. Large companies make the seller pay for marketing items such as photos and magazines, which is strange because one would think a larger company already has the means and resources to do this for their buyers. However, Chicago Real Estate Mall does not charge for these services, as we feel it is part of our job to market for you. That is why we are paid in the first place. Larger companies charge more fees to buyers than small companies, as their overhead is greater.

Next, a small firm also will manage your listing more and typically have lower commission fees compared to larger companies that upsell their "network" and make you pay for this. The reality is that all listings go up on the MLS® in the same way and can be seen by everyone at all firms, large or small. Brokers working for a small company have the same exact access to information and showings as someone who works in a large office. How about pocket listings? Both types of companies will have these, but really they don't benefit either side necessarily.

Lastly, all brokers have the same education, but at smaller firms you get more motivated, self-starters who break away from the large corporations to streamline processes and focus more on the client than being part of a team for the company. These hours add up to better service, more quality care, and more interest in the client's needs from start to finish. Really, it does not come down to a company per se, but rather the agent you work with to negotiate the best deal and make the process as professional and easy as possible.

If you're looking for a personalized and dedicated broker at your side, I would try a broker at a small firm, as the "ask" is worth it. See for yourself and contact an agent at Chicago Real Estate Mall today!

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