Tips if You're Looking to Sell Your Property

When looking to hire a professional to sell your home, here are some tips. 

1. Do you get along with the agent?

This is something very critical as you will spend many days and months communicating with them.

2. Will they make you a priority and first hand sell your property or will they pass it off to a member of their team?

A name is a name but like in any field there are exceptional skills a particular agent possesses to get the job done better than another and sometimes newcomers are just as good if not better at the actual sale and just needs to get the career going. If an agent has been successful in life more times than not he or she will carry that ability to work for you. 

3. Is the price realistic?

Just because an agent will say a price does not mean it will close at that price, which means it will sit longer than it needs to costing the seller money. A comparative analysis of current sales within the area should be utilized by the agent and presented to you to determine a price that will appraise out and sell at the best price possible with the most potential of offers. 

4. What is important when listing a property and what is the selling timeline?

When a property is brought to market, how it is listed, and where it is listed in addition to price are key factors that can go overlooked by brokers. At Chicago Real Estate Mall we have a proven track record of using our marketing and selling skills and website to get your property on market and sold. Be prepared to have offers quickly and keep in mind when listing a property that there is potential for a seller to have to be out within 30 days or sooner. 

5. Should your property be cleaned or updated prior to the sale?

Yes and yes. If you are told the quality of your unit does not matter that is misleading information. Presenting a clean, well staged unit does help potential buyers envision their lives in the property. The upfront costs and efforts pay off considerable in the sale price and the duration on market. Though not the only factors, good brokers know how to offer ideas and suggestions to present the best version of the home. 

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