Always fun to get a glimpse at the 3 highest priced properties for sale in Chicago: 1932 N Burling and 800 N Michigan PH67 and 3 West Burton. Whether in this market or even if this suits your budget 3144 N Sheridan , I am here to help as everyone's own best home is simply the best to me! 

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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to share with you some of the amazing things that I've been doing as a broker and realtor at Chicago Real Estate Mall, a small but superior boutique real estate company that specializes in service, skill, solutions, and smiles. 

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or rent a home in the Chicago area, I'm here to help you with personalized service and intelligent planning. I have the experience, ethics, integrity, smarts, drive, focus, and understanding to create a stellar experience for you and find the best value for your needs.

I can find anyone who has a credit score over 650 their best real estate option for the criteria and am ready to make their real estate dreams come true. I have a strong referral network of…

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I came across this website today and it really offers a nice glimpse into all the events and things to do year-round in Lincoln Park, a wonderful and diverse Chicago community.  

Explore Lincoln Park

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With the advancement of technology, some buyers believe they have all the information on the web and are tempted to reach out directly to listing agents in the hopes of a better deal. Understand the pitfalls: (1) The listing agent has a fiduciary responsibility towards the homeowners to sell the home at the highest price possible in the shortest time. This is in direct conflict with getting the buyer the best deal. (2) Buyers believe they are saving on commission when they go directly to listing agent when in reality the listing agent's agreement can entitle the listing agent to double the commission for dual representation. (3) The internet does not negotiate, tell the story of the building or the motivation of the sellers. To read more of this article…

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Taking care of your home to make sure it is clean, tidy, and free of clutter, can be a huge selling point while you are getting ready to move. In fact, a nice looking, clean, staged home actually sells 73% faster on average. Everyone wants to move into a home that has been kept in great condition, and keeping your home clean can help prove this point. If you aren’t moving any time in the near future, home organization also helps to reduce daily stress and increases relaxation by making life easier and more efficient.

Try out these tips below to help keep your home looking clean and organized:

1. Set Aside Time to Tidy Every Day Letting small tasks build up overtime eventually becomes a little overwhelming. When it gets to this stage, it’s hard to…

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Which is better or more trusted, a small real estate company or a large one?

There is no simple answer, but from my perspective choosing an agent with a small firm has many benefits.

First of all, you can trust that your smaller and newer real estate companies are held to the same standards and regulations, if not scrutinized more, for their regulatory and ethical processes.

Secondly, smaller companies save you money on both listings commissions and on the buying side. Large companies make the seller pay for marketing items such as photos and magazines, which is strange because one would think a larger company already has the means and resources to do this for their buyers. However, Chicago Real Estate Mall does not charge for these services, as…

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The good thing about real estate rentals in Chicago is that there are many, many options. That said, you need to ask where to begin, where to go, and how to get the most bang for your buck. The answers to all these questions are simple. Use a qualified real estate company and Realtor! They have knowledge of the market, they work for you as compared to the landlord or leasing agents inside apartment buildings who seem like they are there for you, but really only have their best interest in mind, and there is no fee to the renter. That said, do ask some questions to make sure your agent is qualified such as how often they have rental clients, do they have referrals to contact, and have they rented lately themselves. Beyond that, put your trust in your…

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The match between renting versus buying. Some say buying is better. Some say renting is the better option. What to do? Is it a personal decision one makes to feel comfortable? Is it a place to just seek shelter? There is no magic answer, but statistically creating credit, equity, a write-off for one's portfolio is in the best interest of long term profit. 

Commonly, from clients I hear, "Well, with Chicago taxes going up and the uncertainty I do not want to commit to owning. Plus, I may be transferred for my job."

These are most likely things that will occur, but until that happens (and even if that does happen), purchasing instead of renting will allow you to build equity in that time period. Not only that, but the place you own will also be less…

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When looking to hire a professional to sell your home, here are some tips. 

1. Do you get along with the agent?

This is something very critical as you will spend many days and months communicating with them.

2. Will they make you a priority and first hand sell your property or will they pass it off to a member of their team?

A name is a name but like in any field there are exceptional skills a particular agent possesses to get the job done better than another and sometimes newcomers are just as good if not better at the actual sale and just needs to get the career going. If an agent has been successful in life more times than not he or she will carry that ability to work for you. 

3. Is the price realistic?

Just because an agent will say…

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The West Loop of Chicago is ever-expanding and the time is now to get in or out is now as the value and demand is about equal. As an area close to the expressway that offers tree lined streets with accessibility to the Loop and immediate proximity to many trendy restaurants and bars it has become one of the most popular neighborhoods in Chicago. At Chicago Real Estate Mall our agents have lived and serviced this area as it had evolved and are up to date on all the current activity for buying, selling, and leasing. Contact us today to realize the benefits of the West Loop and to get our viewpoint and assistance to fit your needs. 

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