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At Chicago Real Estate Mall we employ an impressive variety of marketing techniques and strategies to assist you in selling your Chicago home as efficiently as possible. While listing your home on the MLS is certainly a great start, our personalized service goes above and beyond to ensure your home is showcased in front of the right buyer and is sold according to your specific needs and preferences.

Equipped with a passionate and thorough knowledge of the Chicago sales market, no property is too big or too small for our exceptionally skilled agents. Chicago Real Estate Mall is fully committed to bringing peace of mind to Chicago home sellers, taking full advantage of agent and broker connections, the MLS, word of mouth, and our website to help you achieve your selling goals.

Complete with efficient, tailored service that fits your life, our agents are sincerely passionate about Chicago real estate. With Chicago Real Estate Mall, you can rest easy knowing your listing will be effectively marketed, personally attended, and treated in the highest regard. We're eager to help you receive the maximum value for your Chicago property, and start your next chapter as soon as possible.

Ready to sell your Chicago home? Contact our qualified agents at Chicago Real Estate Mall today. We'll be glad to speak with you and answer any inquiries related to Chicago real estate.

Anne Mall's Expertise

When embarking on the sale of your Chicago property, it’s crucial to have an accomplished REALTOR® on your side, equipped with knowledge, integrity, and immense dedication to your unique needs. Enter Anne Mall, qualified broker and proud owner of Chicago Real Estate Mall. Anne's background as a former tennis player supplied her with extensive knowledge of global real estate, while her experience in countless Chicago real estate transactions has helped her hone lucrative home selling strategies.

Anne sets an exemplary standard for Chicago real estate agents. At her former company, she sold or rented 100% of the properties that she listed. Her astounding past record, inspiring focus, and ability to appeal to the needs of unique Chicago home sellers make Anne Mall the best possible choice for your Chicago home selling journey.

For more info on Anne Mall's impressive background, check out her full bio. Looking to buy in Chicago? Consult our comprehensive Buyer's Guide for tips and helpful resources.

Tips For Selling Chicago Real Estate

Create Open Space

As a Chicago home seller, now is the time to clear out that pesky kitchen drawer. In fact, it’s best to tidy all areas of the home - including the closets, pantry, and basement - and keep these areas as organized as possible throughout the home selling process. Making the effort to remove clutter from the parts of your home that may seem unimportant can make all the difference in promoting an open, spacious atmosphere.

Remove Personal Branding

When staging your Chicago home for sale, your main goal is to allow potential buyers to envision themselves living on this property. With that in mind, clear family photos, trophies, and personal collectables that are exclusively relevant to you.

Make Minor Fixes

Especially if you have time to spare before your Chicago home hits the market, try your best to attend to any minor home improvements. Addressing small plumbing or painting issues can make all the difference in the aesthetics and function of your home.

Find the Right Agent

Selling your Chicago home can be a stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact Chicago Real Estate Mall to ensure your Chicago home is sold for the best possible value within your timeline.

Chicago Seller's Resources

  • Try Our Free Home Evaluation: If your goal is to sell your home within a specific timeline, setting the price of your home correctly is paramount. Especially in the more luxurious Chicago neighborhoods, bidding wars are very possible, allowing home sellers to potentially receive more than their asking price for their property. The Chicago Real Estate Mall offers a free market analyzing tool that can assess the most actively searched prices and home values in Chicago to ensure you’re fully informed.
  • Sell Your Chicago Home with Professional Backing: Our established marketing plan will take the stress out of selling your home by showcasing your listing in front of motivated, competitive buyers.
  • Learn the Chicago Market: Our site offers comprehensive and easy-to-use search tools to help you familiarize yourself with other Chicago homes for sale.
  • Get Answers: Have questions about the current Chicago real estate market? Our trusted agents at the Chicago Real Estate are eager to help. If you’re ready to sell your Chicago home, we’ll ensure your listing gets only the best possible exposure and reaches your future buyer.

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