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Fulton Market's history and industrial charm will have you amazed! Discover real estate in this historic neighborhood by browsing our listings.

Fulton Market real estate is located in the Near West Side of Chicago. This former meat packing and warehouse district is full of industrial charm with brick and timber buildings occupying much of the real estate. Fulton Market condos for sale are oftentimes old brick warehouses that have been converted into living spaces, making for properties with unique layouts and vintage character.

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Fulton Market Homes For Sale

Fulton Market is a trendy community with high-rated restaurants and fashion boutiques and is now the headquarters for massive companies like Google, McDonalds, and Dyson. This community is the premier place to be in Chicago with its edgy, urban living, and wide variety of amenities.

And because of the great attraction to live in Fulton Market, tons of brand new, trendy condo buildings have been developed in the area.

Fulton Market real estate is dominated by lofts and condos, from converted meatpacking warehouses to brand new builds.

Fulton Market condos for sale stick with the community's industrial roots for their design. Many of the converted condos retain their original character with brick walls and timber beams. They also boast tall ceilings, which make for large living spaces, rare to find in the city.

Fulton Market’s population has boomed in recent years due to the tech industry, so the demand for housing in this area has skyrocketed. In response to this, many new developments have been built to accommodate all the buyers looking to live in this prime neighborhood.

The new condominium buildings that are peppered around the neighborhood’s old factory buildings have chic interiors with large windows that flood living spaces with light.

New Condos are built with designs that are in tune with the style of the rest of the historic neighborhood. Many new buildings are made to look industrial by using materials like steel and brick on their facades.

Fulton Market’s new condos for sale are perfect for buyers looking to live in the charm of this older area, while still enjoying brand new home amenities like rooftop pools and fitness centers.

Fulton Market Community

In the 19th century, the streets of Fulton Market were bustling with meatpackers and warehouse workers as this community was the largest food distributing hub for the Midwest. When this industry retired from the area in the early 20th century, it left behind its beautiful brick and timber buildings that now characterize Fulton Market with a vintage and industrial vibe.

Replacing the food industry is the tech industry. Now, with so many large-scale tech firms in the area, Fulton Market is bustling with young tech workers. The youth in this community bring vibrancy to the streets, so when you live here, you’re never far from excitement.

Even though Fulton Market has shifted industry gears, it is still greatly influenced by food. Foodies from all across Chicago know Fulton Market to be the top place in the city for eating out. Chicago’s famous “Restaurant Row” is located right in Fulton Market on Randolph Street and has countless top-quality and award winning restaurants for any palate:

  • Little Goat Diner
  • Au Cheval (voted best burger in the country)
  • Nellcote
  • Publican
  • Monteverde

Fulton Market is also known for its fantastic shopping. There are several boutique and large-scale fashion stores in the area:

  • Anthropologie
  • Billy Reid
  • Free People
  • Tribeca Boutique
  • Notre

Art galleries are commonplace in Fulton Market as this community is becoming a creative hub in Chicago. Soho House & Co -- a member’s only club for individuals who work in the creative industry -- is now located in Fulton Market, bringing in creative types from across Europe and North America.

In 2015, Chicago City Council appointed Fulton Market landmark status. Since then, this community has undergone many modernization and beautification projects in order to preserve its history and make the area more walkable.

One of the major projects implemented was to make Fulton Market more pedestrian friendly. Sidewalks are being widened and attractive street seating is being installed. With this modernization, you are able to walk to just about anywhere you need to go in this neighborhood.

To make this community even more accessible, a new CTA station has been installed. So, no matter where you go in the city, it’s always easy to get back home.

One of the greatest perks of living in Fulton Market is its proximity to downtown Chicago. It only takes 15 minutes to get to the downtown core, which makes commuting a breeze.

Fulton Market is in the center of excitement and innovation. So, when you buy in this youthful neighborhood, you’ll never be without something to do.

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